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Our dedicated FunFlicks team members are the collective engine that drives our business. Browse below a sampling of the positions we have to offer.
Technical Host – Use your people skills and technical acumen to host FunFlicks movie events in your area. Learn More…

Why Work For FunFlicks?

Leagues away from stuffy office environments, FunFlicks offers a breath of fresh air to all ambitious job seekers. Here’s just a few of the reason’s why choosy job seekers choose FunFlicks.

  • Dynamic working environment
  • Fun Atmosphere
  • Great coworkers!
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Movies, movies, movies!
  • Positively impacts communities

Want to learn more about the FunFlicks job openings in your area? Please reach out to your local FunFlicks for more information.

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Why Choose FunFlicks Screens?

  • Industrial Grade Quality
  • Incredible Value
  • Masterfuly Designed
  • Stunning Visuals
  • Superior Performance
  • Built To Last

Screen Rental Includes

  • High Definition (HD) Projection
  • Concert Grade Speakers
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Player
  • Technical Host For Delivery, Setup And Teardown
  • Standard Rental Time Is 2 1/2 Hours

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Movie licensing at FunFlicks is quick, convenient and customizable to fit your budget.

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